The Way of Coffee packing

scanning: time:2023-05-19

Coffee, maybe is the most popular drink in the world. When you buy it from the market, have you ever notice the packaging. Here let us show you the most way of coffee packaging and the packing machine for it.

1. Coffee beans(bag with valve) 

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This is the most common coffee bean packaging. Unlike others, this bag has a breather valve, because the roasted coffee beans will produce carbon dioxide, so without this small device, the bag may "boom". 

Machine video:

2. Coffee powder vacuum packing(Brick bag)

coffee bag

 I guess every brand in the market have this kind packaging for their coffee. Keep fresh is the most important, so vacuum packing is necessary. 

Machine video:

3. Coffee capsule 

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Their are many kinds capsule: Nespresso, Vertuo, Gusto, Keurig, Vittoria, even soft pods...... All is filling with coffee powder. Most easy way to have a cup of coffee, right?

Machine video:

4. Stick packaging


Instant coffee is the easiest way to enjoy coffee. You only need a cup and a little boiling water, and the aroma of coffee will come out immediately.

Machine video:

You could find all the packaging i list is bag packing,  but it also have jar, bottle and other way of package. As one of the earliest packing machinery factory in China, we have the ability to provide you the best packing solution. Especially in coffee packing, we have rich experience. 

Do you know other way of packaging for coffee?