How a machine born!

scanning: time:2023-03-17

    Today, let show you how a packing machine born.

  1. Material inspection

    Machining center make parts and send to us, for every pcs, we make inspeciton and sure it is same per our requirement.

  2. Assembling

    Our worker will assemble all part into a whole machine per design

  3. Wire connection

    Electrical engineer will connect all wire and test

  4. Program input

    Design engineer will make program and input to the PLC and touchscreem

  5. Program testing

    In this step, machine could run and show us how it work

  6. Program improvement

    During in testing, we will find question and fix it, untill it reach to our customer's requirement.

  7. Machine run and test

    In this step, we will feeding material and make the machine run as in factory, output will show us if it is ok.

  8. Packing and delivery

    When machine past test, we will clean it and packed in wooden case, now it is moving to you!