Let Talk About Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

scanning: time:2023-03-10

    In automatic vacuum packing machine, we have very rich experience. So here we make a conclusion to help customer know how to choose the right machine.

    Firstly, we need to know what type of bag you want. Their have 2 types, pillow bag and bricked bag, see pictures as below

IMG_5629. zhenkongnuomi_6558957.jpg.285

    Secondly, what kind product you want to pack? Powder or granular or others. Per our experience, in bricked bag, it is always in powder material like coffee powder, yeast powder. And rice, grain, corn and so on, most like pillow bag.

    With these 2 information, then we could know which unit is suitable to you.  Here are the machines we have for vacuum packing:

  1. Automatic coffee powder/ yeast powder vacuum packing machine in bricked bag. (Use foil film)


  2. Automatic rice/ beans vacuum packing machine in pillow bag.     (Use premade bag)


   3. Automatic rice/ beans vacuum packing machine in brick bag(Use premade bag)


    Except full auto, we also have semi auto, the only different is bag feeding, one is by machine and one is by workers. Anyway, to know more about vacuum packing machine, welcome to contact us. We will help you find the best solution. 

     Thank you for your reading

    Kevin from PLY PACK.